Ben in window

Well, finally back home, scanned about half of the back-log of rolls this weekend, so I can finally add some pictures.

This is Ben, one of our cats. He’s about one year old now.

Technical details

Shot with the Leica, of course. As you can see from the emphasized grain, the photo was slightly underexposed, but once again I was saved by the large dynamic range.

Why I like it

Because it’s a good, well focussed portrait of a cat. As anyone who’s ever photographed cats knows, it brings along its own difficulties. Taking a picture of a cat isn’t hard, if you don’t mind your subject being either a) sleeping, b) motion-blurred or c) not looking at you. Getting one to look at you and sit still for long enough to take a picture takes either hypnosis, skill or luck1. In this case, it was mostly the last.

  1. I’m not counting taxidermy, that’s just cheating. []

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