Ducks in evening mist

In between all the gear-talk, time for a real picture.

I shot this late in the evening after a hot day. The water was cooling rapidly, casting a fine mist, and the setting sun gave it a warm glow.

Technical details

Shot with my Canon 400D, using an old manual-focus, T2-mount 500mm f8.0 lens, branded Sunagor. I might even have had a 2x extender in there as well, I can’t remember. This is a glass lens, not a mirror lens, and wide open it’s pretty soft, as you can see. Still, it was only 1% of the price of a Canon 500mm1.

Why I like it

The softness of the lens, combined with the mist and distance combine for painting-like effect. As someone who usually strives for sharpness, I’m honestly surprised. I guess it pays to experiment.

  1. Though I doubled the price by adding a Wimberley lens plate to it. Tripods, wonderful things. []


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