First week

Well, the first week is over. I shot about 6 rolls, most of which were `calibration shots’: bracketing like hell and checking the contact sheets for best exposure.

When scanning, I was once again surprised by the big exposure latitude of negative film. This shot was the +1 exposure from a `Sunny sixteen’ batch, and gave a better image than the real sunny sixteen exposure. Expose for the shadows, I guess. (That’ll take a while to get used to.)

Another lesson learned this week was that when Mike Johnston said to make notes, he meant it. During the calibration rolls, I made a few unbracketed shots1, guessing exposure as best as I could. In some cases, I didn’t write down what exposure I used. As Murphy dictates, those exposures were dead-on, but I have no idea what values I used…

  1. In situations where bracketing wasn’t appropriate or possible. Snapshots []


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  1. p> says:

    You’re doing very good. I was too tempted to get into this after reading Mike’s idea. I am in the beginning of the 1st week, and so scary to guess the exposures ;o). And true, I already managed to forget to write down details.
    Will be checkin here to see how you get along.
    All the best,

  2. Bernard says:

    Good luck! the first week is the hardest. Just remember the Sunny 16 rule, and maybe get one of those little exposure-guides to help you along. I used this one for a while.

    What camera/lens/film are you using?

  3. p> says:

    Leica CL, 40 ‘cron and Agfa APX 400.
    I hope the sunny 16 rule will help (fingers crossed) :o)

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