Radio silence

Just a quick note that the recent radio-silence isn’t entirely on purpose.

Some reasons:

  • One of my video-cards died1 and the new one required a OS-upgrade, taking my scanner offline for a while2.
  • I haven’t shot a lot in the last weeks, and what I shot often wasn’t very impressive, or useful for publication. Stuff important to me, but not interesting to the rest of the world.
  • Some developments on a personal level3 have kept me very busy, taking me away from the computer, and thus from updating the site. The current stage of these developments isn’t very photogenic either, so it also isn’t helping in that regard.

I hope to have at least one picture up this week, as well as another post on B&W developing. Stay tuned.

  1. I had two, since I have three screens, but thanks to my new Radeon 5850, I now have a spare []
  2. I have a seperate post on scanning in the pipeline []
  3. More on this soon to follow []

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