Here you’ll find a list of films I regularily use.

Slide films

I shoot mostly slide film. I don’t print everything, and slides make it much simpler to judge which images to print. Scanning is (in theory), also simpler, as you can compare the results with the original.

Printing slides is as easy as printing negatives these days, as most labs print digitally anyway.

FujiFilm Velvia 100 (RVP)


My primary landscape film. A bit of a cliche maybe, but I like the colours and detail.

FujiFilm Provia 400X


The film that’s loaded in my `carry always camera‘, as ISO 400 is just a bit more versatile than ISO 100. The less exaggerated colours also make it more suitable for day-to-day photographs, especially of people

I’m still finding out which are the best filters for this film though.
I can already tell you that:

  • An 80B is too blue for even dim tungsten light
  • If you want any control over DOF in outside situations, you’ll want at least a 2-stop, and preferably a 3-stop ND filter

Black and white negative films

FujiFilm Neopan 400


The film I use for the Leica Lessons project.

More info to follow

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